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Portrait of Kelly

Kelly Anderson // Owner + Creative Director

Kelly Anderson is an Oregon native whose lifelong endeavor has been to make a living doing the thing she loves most…creating awesome. She finds inspiration all around her and has a voracious appetite for learning new things. Her design style is simple and clean (leaning towards minimalistic) while her artistic side runs from edgy and dark to sassy and hip.


  • business systems (logos, business cards, letterhead, etc.)
  • branding
  • web design
  • newsletters
  • promotional/marketing pieces
  • invitations + stationery
  • posters
  • illustration
  • copywriting



Portrait of Lola

Lola Anderson, PHD // QA Manager

Lola Anderson, PHD (pretty happenin’ doggy) basically runs the joint when she’s not curled up snoring in whatever patches of sunshine she can find on the floor. She is also the newly appointed head of Quality Assurance so all complaints can be directed to her. She’s a Sagittarius, enjoys barking at absolutely everything, and hopes to some day push me out of my bed entirely.


  • client relations
  • security
  • pest control
  • seat warming
  • comic relief

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