Welcome. I love Fall. The crisp mornings and sunny afternoons that Oregon gets and all the rain that makes everything quickly turn back to bright shades of green. The trees turning glowing variations of orange, red, and yellow. Oregon starts bursting color at its seams. Evenings are spent snuggled up in layers of clothes and under blankets with a sketchbook and hot tea…a fire taking the chill off the room. Leave it to Fall to inspire me to finally redo my website. To totally abandon what it was and start fresh. To reinvent myself. I’m turning over a new leaf and this is one part of a much bigger venture.

Instead of portfolio based, it will be blog centered. Some of my posts will show design work I’ve done, but that won’t be the only thing to find here. Time to make this something…more. Time to put as much time and effort into my personal creative endeavors as I do my client’s. So snuggle up with your sketchbook and blanket and welcome to Kelly Anderson Studio.