Project 100

My first Project 100 is going to happen in Ireland. To back this project with a donation, visit my shop. I’ve set up various donation levels with some fun rewards.

100 Illustrations: Ireland

100. It’s a large number. And when you add “illustrations” behind it, it’s a significant commitment. That is what I’m planning to do. I’m going to travel around Ireland and Northern Ireland for two weeks and capture the essence of it and the people through illustrations. One hundred of them. I will also be journaling/blogging/documenting the entire process and working on a memoir while I make my way around, seeing the sites, engaging the locals, and experiencing the culture…one illustration at a time.



As I travel I will be taking a lot of photographs. Those photographs will eventually be the basis for the fully developed illustrations. I will post some of them to various social networking sites as I travel so that everyone can see all the best bits of my journey. I usually first work out my preliminary sketches on vellum or tracing paper (like the photo above). I find it more forgiving when I start erasing things and experimenting with what I might want the end result to be. I can be quite a perfectionist and it helps me have a more pristine original piece. Once I have something I feel will make a good illustration, I move over to a higher quality paper (unless I’m doing a digital illustration, then I take a photo or scan and get started on tracing it into the computer). I am expecting the originals to be 11″x14″ or 11″x17″ (depending on which paper I decide on) to more easily accommodate a flatbed scanner for image capturing the final pieces and so that postage costs to send pieces as rewards is reduced. These are the pieces that will be included in the official 100 illustrations. Some will be simple line drawings, some with full contrast showing a lot of elaborate detail through shading, stipple or crosshatching. I might even do some digital illustrations or scratchboard. I can’t say for sure. I’m guessing that most will be graphite or pen + ink, but I don’t want to limit myself for this since this will be an ongoing project eventually covering many places and I want to keep it exciting.

I’ll also be using Field Notes memo books to write notes in, doodle in, and collect various collage type goodness (like paper coasters, or brochures, or business cards, or napkins or…anything I can get my hands on to document every bit of this adventure). They’re pocket friendly and will be easy to use walking through parks and such. Some of these will be up for grabs as rewards. The sketching and doodling I do in this manner will be casual and likely silly. I find it to be a good warm up exercise before jumping into the bigger pieces.

Prints will be limited edition runs of 100 for each illustration. They will be printed by me on 11″x14″ 64lb. Aurora Fine Art Natural paper with archival ink in my studio, hand numbered and autographed.

A note about delivery dates: I have no actual idea how long they will take me. It will depend largely on the ratio of simple line drawings to elaborate stipple illustrations. I don’t want to rush them so for anyone expecting originals or things like that…I will keep everyone posted on the process and update timelines as things develop.

Thank you for supporting this project. It means the world to me. If you’re able, please pass it along to your circle of friends that love art and travel. Like it. Follow it. Tweet it. Shout it from rooftops. I’ll need all the help I can get to not only accomplish this goal, but to move forward with future destinations.

What’s the money being used for?

  • Travel (I’m already covering the flight, but there is still train, rental car, taxis, gas, etc.)
  • Accommodations
  • Food
  • Tours, guides, entry fees, etc.
  • Art supplies
  • Fulfilling rewards (Postcards, Moleskine Postal NotebooksField Notes, packaging and postage)
  • Professional image capturing/scanning of each piece
  • Printing costs