100 Illustrations - Ireland sketch

100 Illustrations – Ireland


100 Illustrations - IrelandFor detailed descriptions of each reward level, please look below.


Product Description

100 Illustrations – Ireland is an ongoing project that is explained in its entirety here.

Level 1 Donation: $10
I will covertly sneak your last name into one of the fully developed illustrations. Maybe it will be on the license late of a double decker bus…maybe on a sign in the window of a local pub. It all depends on what I draw and how your last name fits. If you’d rather use a different name, just indicate so in the notes when you check out. It’ll be like the biggest Where’s Waldo project of all time! You’ll receive a digital version of the illustration so you can start tracking down your name and print it if you like.

Level 2 Donation: $25
Who doesn’t love a small note of gratitude with their bills every now and then? I’ll send you a handmade one. It’ll be awesome…like a warm hug in your mailbox minus all the awkwardness. Fear not…you score level 1 goodness, too.

Level 3 Donation: $50
You’ll get Level 1 & 2 rewards and I’ll let you suggest an item or short message to be hidden within whichever illustration has your name in it. Give me 3 options and I’ll choose one (PG13ish rated, please). I’ll also send you a postcard from the road. Note: I have veto rights. We’ll work to find something we can agree on.

Level 4 Donation: $75
Not only will you get the rewards from the previous levels, I’ll make a snazzy poster for you to tell the world you’ve supported this project.

Level 5 Donation: $100
You want everything from the previous levels, but like most great things…you just want more. Instead of the postcard, how about a small sketch? A doodle of sorts? A lil personal one of a kind “What’s up?” nestled inside a Moleskine Postal Notebook? I’ll write you a personal note about how the trip is going and rock a little sketch from wherever I’m at showing that you were thought of and greatly appreciated during my blessed adventure. You’ll be scoring original artwork done just for you.

Level 6 Donation: $150
Artwork is the name of the game for this project. I’ll be making limited edition prints of my favorite pieces. Get yourself one (plus everything from the previous levels).

Level 7 Donation: $250
You’d rather have an original piece to go with your poster and your Moleskine. No problem. You’ll get the shout out, too.

Level 8 Donation: $500
Not only do you get the shout out, the poster, the Moleskine, and an original, but you can give me three suggested (realistic) stops for my trip and I will choose one. Tell me why you want me to stop there, too. Is it your pub or restaurant? Where you proposed? Some place you’ve always wanted to go? I’ll feature it in an illustration and ensure that it’s the original piece that you receive from me. Note: I obviously have veto rights. If it’s not possible or makes me uncomfortable, we’ll work to find a great solution.

Level 9 Donation: $750
You’re a collector with discerning tastes. You can’t help but support the arts. You’re greedy as all get out. Whatever the case…you want the works. Covert shout out, thank you note, postcard, poster, Moleskine, print, AND original piece? Whew! How about I throw in one of the little Field Notes books I’ll be doodling in, brainstorming in, taking notes in, journaling in? Yeah, I’ll give you one of those, too.

Level 10 Donation: $1000
When this project is all said and done, I will create a book full of the illustrations, photos, things I’ve collected while on the road, and journal entries. It will be a beauty. You will receive one of these autographed books, with a special note of thanks to you inside to go with an original piece of artwork, a print, the poster, and the Moleskine.